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Phil Nash

Developer Advocate
Phil is the original author of the C++ test framework, Catch2, and composable command line parser, Clara. As Developer Advocate at Sonar he's involved with SonarQube, SonarLint and SonarCloud, particularly in the context of C++. He's also a member of the ISO C++ standards committee, organiser of C++ London and C++ on Sea, as well as co-host and producer of CppCast. More generally he's an advocate for good testing practices, TDD and using the type system and functional techniques to reduce complexity and increase correctness. He's previously worked in Finance and Mobile offers training and coaching in C++ and TDD.

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My Moderators Sessions

Tuesday, September 17

20:30 MDT

Wednesday, September 18

20:30 MDT

Thursday, September 19

12:30 MDT

20:30 MDT

Friday, September 20

12:00 MDT


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